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Not sure what serum works for you? Or just want to try them all? Each serum is designed to target different concerns and is a powerful addition to any skin care routine. 

skin boost serum - maximum hydration with hyaluronic acid + sea kelp algae. 💧

kontrol serum - calm your skin with vitamin e. 🔥

skin quench serum - your skin needs some major lovin'. ❤️

gold serum - anti-aging magic. ✨

neck serum - don't neglect your décolletage. 😉

This limited edition serum pack contains all five of our serums and will be available until April 30th. 

Online only. Each pack contains 3ml of each skin boost serum, kontrol serum, skin quench serum, gold serum, and neck serum.


Limit 1 pack per customer